Our Products

Resting in the River Organic Farm & Natural Products' preparations vibrate with life force and health-enriching properties. Each herbal ingredient is carefully chosen to enhance and activate the body's natural healing processes. What we have created is a profoundly effective line of skin care and herbal supplements -- right down to the cellular level.

All of Resting in the River's energetically infused herbal products are made from the herbs and flowers grown at our certified organic medicinal herb farm located in the magnificent Chama River Valley in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Our commitment to agriculture goes well beyond our farm's organic certification to include biodynamic principles and Spiritual Agriculture.

Spiritual Agriculture emphasizes the integrity of Nature and the health of soil, water, air and all living creatures. The farmers who practice Spiritual Agriculture are connected to the land by recognizing spirit in themselves as well as in nature. They embrace the spiritual qualities and sacredness of growing medicinal plants for all fellow human beings. They practice reverence towards the life of the soil, and honor the inner as well as the outer life of our medicinal plants that heal and nourish us.

The fruits of this commitment to these principles and practices are natural products of unquestionable quality, vitality and purity for your well being, as well as the planet's.